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Strength Training 

"Strength Is Movement Proficiency"

REINFORCE - For Efficient Movement

Once we determine a starting point we reinforce healthier movement with specific exercises designed to promote joint stability through a broader range of motion.

RELOAD - For Stronger Movement

To secure the progress we reload the body with resistance training to build strength and endurance through the more efficient movement.

Training Services:​ 


We'll work with you immediately after, or during, your physical therapy appointments

Sports Performance

Train to be resilient against the risks of your sport. Improve the core movements of your sport

General Health and fitness

We'll help you get better and more efficient at everyday tasks

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

See below for more details

Older Adults

Improve your movement function to enhance your activities of daily living

Remote Coaching

Maintain your specific physical fitness goals on the go or in the comfort of your own home 

Chronic Pain Management

Conditions that can be managed, and assisted, through exercise 

Accountability Training Sessions

We offer guided walkthroughs of your physical therapist given exercises

Blood Flow Restriction - BFR​​

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training is a safe and very specific type of training that stimulates a strong metabolic response brought on by partially restricting blood flow in certain areas of the body during exercise. It sounds crazy for those who have not heard about it or haven’t tried it but we practice very safe protocols to ensure appropriate levels of use.

BFR training has been used for rehabilitation and resistance training for decades as a revolutionary way to increase muscular size and strength. With less needed emphasis on working intensity and session length it is a perfect tool for recovering an injury when movement is limited and when time is limited as well. The style of this training makes it ideal for athletes and for the general health and fitness crowd since it can be used as a seamless transition between training phases during a deload as well as a strength boost when you are breaking through to new limits.


There is more to blood flow restriction training than can be easily explained so if you have any questions please reach out and ask us.

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